Step 1:  Add the terminal fuse block, with the 60 AMP fuse, to the positive terminal of your deep-cycle marine battery.  Place the battery in the battery compartment of the power pod.

Step 2:  Confirm the master switch, on the top of the pod lid, is in the “off” position.  Attach the battery cables in the lid to the appropriate battery terminals of the battery (red = positive, black = negative).  Secure the lid on the top of the power pod.

Step 3:  Attach the linear actuator’s quick-connect to the power pod, and turn the master switch to the “on” position.  Activate the switch for the actuator (down), to fully extend the actuator.  Disconnect the actuator, and turn the master switch to the “off” position.

Step 4:  Add the linear actuator to the base assembly (Figure 1).

Step 5:  Attach the mounting bar to the base assembly, to include all the RAM parts (Figure 2).



Step 6:  Position the base assembly on the stern of the kayak.

a)  The base plate should be parallel to the waterline (Figure 3).  Adjust the elevator bolt and the RAM attachments.


b)  Make sure the RAM Balls (238U) rest on a flat surface…and the position of the port-side ball mirrors the starboard-side ball.  Loosen the RAM Socket Arms (201U-B) to allow movement of the arms and balls.  The socket arms should be as perpendicular as possible to the kayak surface, beneath the mounting bar (Figure 5).  The RAM Socket Arms can be tilted (Figure 6), and the hole positions on the mounting bar changed (Figure 7), to adjust the height of the ball-mounts and better adapt them to the kayak surface.

(See “Non-flat Surfaces” for additional help.)

c)  Overlap the base plate on the kayak stern by 7.5″, and align the midline of the plate with the midline of the kayak (Figure 4).




Step 7:  Mark the holes for the RAM Ball Mounts and drill 1/4″ holes into the kayak surface.  Use the 1/4-20 hex bolts (1″), the 1/4-20 lock nuts, and the mounting plates (part #22) to secure the ball-mounts to the kayak.



Proceed to “Set-up” to continue…


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