No Hatch Access

Option 1 – “Micro-hatch” technique

Once you’ve marked your sites for drilling the 1/4” holes for the hex screws, identify an adjacent, flat-surface on the inwhale for drilling of a larger hole, to access the hull-side of the stern surface (Figure 1).  We recommend a minimum hole size of 1.5″.  Drill the hole for the micro-hatch access, to allow placement of the lock nuts  and mounting plate inside the hull, and for use of tools needed to tighten the lock nuts (Figure 2).  (Tie thread to the mounting plate in case you drop it inside the hull)  Use locking-pliers to place the nuts.  Use a hole-plug (available at most hardware stores) to close and seal the hatch.  Silicone sealant is advised.  This procedure could void your kayak warranty – contact the kayak manufacturer to confirm.


Option 2 – Rivet Nuts

Use 1/4-20 rivet nuts with the 1/4-20 hex screws.  These nuts might require additional tools for placement.  Follow procedures outlined by the manufacturer of the rivet nut system.  We use the rivet nut system available through McMaster-Carr, at


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