Rudder Tips

For best performance, we recommend the following:

  • Ideally, your rudder cables should exit the stern of your kayak 1-2″ below the bottom of the base plate of the mount, and at least 5 ” apart. 
  • If your rudder cables exit the stern of your kayak below this level, they should be at least 4″ from the midline to avoid any interference with the mount.
  • If the spread of the exit points for the cables is less than 6″, raise the base plate above the stern platform at least 3/4″, to allow the motor cable to pass between the cables and under the plate.
  • Bungee the rudder pedals to reduce slack in the cable.
  • We recommend use of 1/16″ stainless steel rudder cables…and we prefer sliding-track pedals, like model K747600 from Sealect Designs.
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